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One Touch Music System - OneSound

OneSound is the one touch smart, user friendly, futuristic music entertainment system that learns its market and adapst its features to maximise profits within the given environment.

OneSound is not just a computer programme, its designed to analyse its users and the music choices they make, it constantly learns and adapts to its sorroundings. The system is constantly collecting data of its environment and using the collected information to help maximise profits by playing the music tastes of the locations users. The system also customises the offered music selection, prices, adverts and volume to the requirements of its surroundings.

The music system has proven its self time and time again,maximising the profits of every location it is installed in. Landlords have complimented the system and to date, no landlord has asked to have the sytem removed!


Keypad History

Simple interface.

Like all of our software products, simplicity is a must and just like any other One Touch Product, the interface is second to none. We have tested the interface on children as young as 3 and adults with disabilities, even those that can not read or do not understand english were able to use the system by choosing their favourite artists from the images on screen.

Advanced Keypad

Smart, Fast and Powerful

The One Sound software constantly learns and adapts to any given location, learning the users and adapting its choices accordingly. The system automatically discards information, media and older data to ensure there is always room for updates and offers powerful connectivity when installing.

Calculation History


A must on all our system is reliability, through years of coding and testing thousands of touch screen hardware products, we can proudly provide reliable and rugid systems for any site.


  • Beautiful, yet simple user interface
  • Search by song
  • Search by year
  • Search by artist
  • Search by category
  • Wildcard (*Seaches part of a song name)
  • Trending music screen with 90 days memory
  • Tracks are displayed in collections
  • Collections organised by artist
  • Engineers screen
  • Happy Hour Support
  • 6 Pricing levels
  • Coin, song, collection and uptime counters
  • Logs power up/down and power cut events
  • Engineer diagnostics screen
  • advanced statistics screens
  • Play List Support
  • Network and Internet support
  • Compatible with other One Touch Systems
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast, Flexible hardware


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