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Main Screen

This is the main Till Screen, users can log on either by pressing the on screen clerks (Pin protection is supported), by swiping their user access cards or by using the user USB Key or Dallas Key.

OneTouch Point of sales is designed to be simple to use, for over 24 years we have stuck to the same interface for the simple reason that it works and its fast, our customers are not interested in fancy systems that look "Visually pleasing" they prefer a simple, fast, fluent and effective system that takes the money and tells them just whats sold.


Receipts Screen

This is the receipts screen, this screen shows all transaction receipts .



Settings Screen

This is the settings screen.



Key Mapping Screen

This is the Key Mapping screen.


One Touch Point of Sales - OnePos

When if comes to Point or Sales systems (or POS for short), there is an overwhelming choice by a variety of vendors. When researching into the POS systems more closely we discovered most systems were over complex and packed with features that you would never actually use, however, in the real world you would surely prefer to spend less money or a system that's not only easy to use, but also better tailored to your industry, easy to configure, simple maintainance and offering features that are actually of use.

Bearing all this in mind, we set our software development team the task of generating a POS system that is not only user friendly but also with features and options that would actually be of use to the intended consumer.

The team started developing the product in 2008 and completed the first release in late 2009, since the first release, the team has continued to develop and improve on the system, we listened to the buyers and added features and options they requested and now we have a mighty system.

Introducing One POS, a touch screen Point of Sales system that is designed to work for any location it is situated offering an easy to use interface and flexible usable features.


Keypad History

Simple interface.

One of our main design objectives when creating OnePOS was to create a basic interface. This proved challanging when trying to pack a software solution full of features but never the less we achieved the goal.

Advanced Keypad

Fast calculations and process speeds.

Accessing advanced functions on Till software usally causes systems to slow down, we have coded, re-coded and re-designed our systems to process emence amounts of code both quickly and efficiantly.

Calculation History


A must on any till system is reliability, through years of coding and testing thousands of touch screen hardware products, we can proudly provide reliable and rugid systems for any site.


  • Beautiful, yet simple user interface
  • bright buttons with audible feedback
  • Network Printer Support
  • Web Office Enabled
  • Staff Monitoring
  • Advanced Stock Management Features
  • Trending Stock and Graphical Statistics
  • UPNP One USB Plug and Go Solution
  • Support for Promotions
  • Support for Vouchers and Discount
  • User Levels (User/Supervisior/Manager/Owner)
  • Customer Account Options with loyalty options
  • Multi Price level support
  • Barcode Scanner and Product DB support
  • Discount facilities and mark down support
  • On Screen Live Stouck Counters
  • UPNP Networking for addititional systems
  • Online Data Backup
  • Compatible with other One Touch Systems
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast, Flexible hardware


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