One iOS Complete

Exciting times as we finally launch our new generation of USB based Till and Music systems!

We have always worked hard to create systems that utilise cutting edge technology while offering a simple user friendly front end. Our latest challenge was creating a system that works entirlely from a USB stick, the idea behind the creation is to make a system thats easily supported, and whats more easy than posting a faulty USB back to us via recorded delivery and receiving a new USB the next day to get your system back up and running!

It has been a long and tedious journey in perfecting this technology to work on both our music systems and Tills but we have now done it!

The new iOS is available for purchase in our shop, check it out :)



For the past 2 years our development team have been working on a USB plug and go solution to allow our products to be run from USB. We can now announce that we are not far off producing this solution, watch this space for further details.

One Sound, Version 4 is nearly here!

We are very happy to announce that One Sound version 4 is almost available for sale! It’s been a long (and bumpy) road, but we are glad we have almost made it to the 1.0 milestone. The new One Sound software will boast drag and drop features along with a revised simple interface and hopefully will work with our new USB OS.


One Pos

We have been working hard on the next edition to the XPOS/CPOS family, we have decided to no longer offer 2 individual products for the same system, but instead, to murge the best features selected by the users of each platform into one new system named One Pos. Along with a revised new interface, there will be a host of new features and useful elements such as promotion support and voucher support. The new One Pos application will work with our new Web Office interface allowing remote administration of the software anywhere in the world!! New plugin support will allow for small applications to be purchased seperately supporting lottery games and even ticket purchasing for events with the ability to process on multiple books.